You're ready to bridge the distance in distance education.

Especially in theological education, serious criticisms are sometimes levelled at online classes and programs.

  • Don’t they circumvent efforts to engender formative community?
  • Doesn’t being online involve an impoverishing absence?

In short, no. Online classes and programs can and should be richly formative communities of learning both inside and outside biblical studies.

I explore how in

  • “Being Present at a Distance,” Didaktikos 1.2 (2018): 12–13;
  • “Gaming the System: Online Spiritual Formation in Christian Higher Education,” TEd 52.2 (2019): 43–53; and
  • “Why the Christian University? Reflections on the Comprehensiveness of Jesus’s Two-Fold Love Command,” Journal of Faith and the Academy 11.1 (2018): 58–66.

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