You're ready to hone your craft as a biblical scholar with these complimentary resources.

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What do you get?

In my Logos partner pack, you'll get

  1. A 12-step guide for how to make Logos even more useful for academic work.
  2. A detailed look inside my "toolbox" for biblical scholarship. Besides Logos, I discuss 10 other tools I find central to honing my own craft.
  3. An explanation of how to cite Logos resources in SBL style.
  4. The Zotero styles that I've helped customize so that they'll handle even more citations more accurately.
  5. A copy of Secrets of SBL Style: What You Need to Know That Hides in Plain Sight.
  6. An index to the major online versions of the Aleppo Codex, one of the main medieval witnesses to the Hebrew Bible.
  7. A searchable list of abbreviations and critical signs from the Nestle-Aland's 28th edition with, where helpful, the corresponding Unicode values if you need to type these characters.
  8. A guide for how to access Greek New Testament manuscript transcriptions and images through the Institut für neutestamentliche Textforschung.
  9. The Bible reading plan that my students and I use every weekday. You can use it inside or outside Logos.
  10. Step-by-step instructions to show you how to read the original languages in Logos without using the software as a crutch.
  11. An index to all the open-access volumes available from the original International Critical Commentary series.
  12. A guide to using the Internet as your own research library with links to hundreds of partially or fully open access resources.
  13. A sentence reading guide for teaching English Bible readers. The guide parses some principal categories from the exegesis of original-language biblical texts in ways that English Bible readers can look for them in their texts too.

Who am I?

My name is David Stark. I'm a research professor of biblical studies, and I want to help you hone your craft as a biblical scholar so that you can focus your attention on the people and projects that matter most.

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