It's no secret. Academic biblical studies is challenging.

The content is one thing—the manuscripts, texts, traditions, languages, and literature. Besides this, there's a whole craft to what it means to do biblical scholarship well. And starting to find your way in the discipline can feel a lot like groping around in the dark.

Things hardly look better when you consider how higher education in general is facing things like declining enrollments and increasing contingent faculty appointments.

But that's why you need a plan for how you'll find your way to thriving at the work you love.

In this recorded masterclass, you'll learn how to

  • think about your future as a biblical scholar,
  • make consistent progress on major goals,
  • identify when your research is ready for publication,
  • reap the benefits of focusing not just on what you do but also on how you do it, and
  • find that elusive but much-sought-after "work-life balance."

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